What do you think you’ll find after death? (EBOOK en INGLÉS)



WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’LL FIND AFTER DEATH? One of the unknowns that makes us suffer more
(¿QUÉ CREES QUE ENCONTRARÁS TRAS LA MUERTE? Una de las incógnitas que más sufrimiento nos produce)

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«Who doesn’t ask for death, cannot understand life.»

I wanted to dedicate my first notebook to the subject of death. Although it seems that I am starting by the end, I am really starting by the beginning because I need to talk about the beginning of everything –if there has been one-, that is, from the creation till physical death, to explain to you what the environment of death is.

Therefore, I think that, with this notebook -the first of a number of notebooks under the name of my purpose “Change of Reality”- untitled “What do you think you’ll find after death? One of the unknowns that makes us suffer more”, I reveal what Change of Reality is as well as I take the opportunity to show it to you all.

You will find a lot of stuff in more or less 40 pages, which will make you see the reality upside down of what you have seen it until today, so you will be able to understand your position in it.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you for your trust.

Ruth M.

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